Home Pregnancy Test


The First Time I had a positive home pregnancy test. My husband was in the Bahamas, sailing with a friend, so I was home alone. It was too early to tell anyone, so I just stared at it, on-and-off, while trying to go on with the evening. I thought I’d have a celebratory glass of wine, then had the shock-realization that I wouldn’t be able to drink for a long time. So much was going to change! I didn’t want to tell my husband over the phone, so it was strange to not tell him when he called. I waited almost a week until he got home. I think that those tests have been part of many incredible experiences, some good and some not good. They have been done in many different places and situations… at work, in public washrooms, on vacation… and with different hopes and outcomes. Those little sticks are far mightier than they look.